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I Find the Beauty of World in the Global Culture

Congratulation for all the winner of 2013 International Essay Contest for Young Poeple. All of your essay were opened my mind about a world I never known. It shocked me, when I known that most of the essay wrote by the children team, came from Japanese who lived outside his/her country. And in other side, most of the winner of the youth team came from developing countries, and one from Indonesia (Sidiq Maulana). WOW!
After I read all of the essay who get the honor from UNESCO and Goi Peace Foundation -- hmm ... but I just feel close with english – many of you told about Indonesian culture, but not at all. Its drive me to see my country with the foreigner perspective. Thank you so much.
Like what I got, a culture is a way to made us became a close friend. Made a new world will be possible, not only just a dream but also a reality. Taught us, especially me, to be aware, inside the cruel world you can find the melody of happiness with just hand in hand together. Behind the differences, we find the similarities. Actually, the air we breathe, the genes we share, the moon we stare at, everything that keeps telling us, how we are one, a human who live together in the earth belongs to our Lord.
We have our own point of view, and Lord give us a way to communicate it in the beautifull path, name is culture. In fact, Lord just want us to became humble, open minded, and not ever bored to learn about everything, about His light, find the harmony of life which is hard to be compressed.
I am so proud of you, all. Wish next year, I can send my essay again and become a part of the winner. Aamiin ya rabbal alamin. ^.^