Rabu, 07 Desember 2011

Launching 10 buku dari Universal Nikko di Cafe Jambodroe

                Yihaaaaaa.... This is the lately post... I’m so sorry gals.... But, now, i’m here to tell you more of the wonderfull story of my CENDOL (Cerita Diskusi Nulis OnLine), the coolest writing class in facebook... Lol...

                In November, 27, 2011 at Jambodroe Cafe. Me, all of Cendolers (name of our students there), and SuKer (Suhu Keren), are be there to launch 10 books from Universal Nikko.

                And, the last but not least (about my lovely class), we have more of wonderfull feel. We always in love, in touch, and making very nice communication each other, and we have a big wish to be a writter..



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  1. Hope, not too late for me to know more about this useful info. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Akarui Cha, I want to know your update, so let me follow you.

  3. Ya, sure..
    Thanks for your follow Dave
    Enjoy my blog :)